The purpose of examination is to accurately test the students’ breadth of understanding of the level they are studying.

Candidates prepare a series of prescribed exercises, enchaînements and dances that will be presented to an examiner. Candidates undertaking an Examination present their work to an AICD Examiner who marks them against a set of pre-determined criteria across the areas of technique, music, and performance. Students receive a report, certificate and an examination medal.

The assessment system is intended to give a broader overview of each candidate’s achievement and progress to date; as observed by the examiner. The criteria is less strict. It allows students to gain an insight into their progress, receiving a report, certificate and in some cases an assessment medal, bringing a well-earned sense of achievement to their studies.

Both give students a sense of realisation and accomplishment. All examinations and assessments are under the control of the AICD Examination Board.

Borovansky Examinations and Assessments

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance offers Borovansky examination and assessment sessions in most states of Australia each year using an interstate examiner.

Teachers submitting students for Borovansky examinations must be AICD registered teachers with a current financial membership.

Adult Assessment Programme

Assessments under the Adult Assessment programme can be arranged with the AICD National Examination Coordinator at any time during the year, as an interstate assessor is not required.

Teachers submitting candidates for the Adult Assessment Programme do not have to be a registered teacher of the Institute but, must be a full financial Friend member of the Institute.


Teachers need to complete an examination/assessment submission form. Teachers can nominate multiple students using a single application form – see link below. Enter the details of the students and the exams they are participating in.

For Borovansky examinations/assessments, these should be forwarded to your State Coordinator at least eight weeks prior to the anticipated examination date. The State Coordinator then forwards details to the National Coordinator who is responsible for controlling the schedule of examinations for all states.

Please note: you must be logged in to access the Examination Application, Teacher Guidelines and to make Examination Payments.

Details of both the National and State Coordinators are available on the Contact Page.

Australian Institute of Classical Dance

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