This programme is aimed at the adult ballet student and is designed for people who have no training in classical ballet, those who have been part of adult ballet classes for a year or two or individuals returning to ballet after a hiatus of many years.

It has an age focus of pre-adult (16/17), through to the more mature-aged student. This is not a programme for children or young teens.

Level 1 is designed as a beginner level for adult students who have no experience in Classical ballet and defines and develops the basics of the art form. As the levels progress, so does the technical and artistic levels of proficiency. It is not a syllabus but moreover a list of steps that are required at each level. This allows for creativity on the part of the teacher, diversity for the student and keeps your Adult classes fun.

The programme currently has six levels. However, the AICD will continue to monitor and develop the course and it is anticipated that new levels will be added in the future.

You do not have to be a registered AICD teacher to implement the programme into your classes however, you must be a member of the Institute to submit your adult students for assessment.


Assessment sessions for The Adult Assessment Programme can be arranged for any time of the year using an in-state examiner (as per the guidelines within the documentation).

The documentation for the Adult Assessment Programme is available for purchase from the store.

Australian Institute of Classical Dance

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