This is the entry level of teacher accreditation with the AICD. An Affiliate teacher may teach any grade level (Pre-Primary – Grade 6) from the Borovansky syllabus however, you may only submit students for examination up to and including Grade 2.

Affiliate teachers are assigned a mentor by the AICD Artistic Director, who will assist you in achieving full teacher accreditation.

The AICD conducts regular seminars and workshops for teachers of the Borovansky syllabus, in most participating states of Australia or via. online session/s. These are designed to refresh the syllabus and answer any questions in regard technique and content. Major seminars may be conducted to address specific areas of the syllabus.

It is estimated that most Affiliate teachers should be eligible to achieve Associate Diploma (A.AICD) after twelve months of training. You can achieve the qualification of Associate Diploma by completing an Associate Diploma examination.

In order to apply for the Affiliate teacher status, you must first:

  • Be 16 years of age or over (upon application)
  • Hold the AICD Intermediate Certificate or equivalent from a recognised ballet examination society
  • Be or become a financial member of the AICD if 18 years or over

If you are not a member of the AICD, you should go to the store, and sign up for Friend Membership. Once this is achieved, you can apply for Affiliate Teacher registration.

The Affiliate Teacher Program commenced in 2022.

If this is the most appropriate level for you, please contact the Artistic Director; Kathleen Hamilton, for more information.

Australian Institute of Classical Dance

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