The Licentiate Diploma is the standard teacher accreditation provided by the AICD. A holder of the Licentiate Diploma may teach and submit students for any grade or major level examination of the Borovansky syllabus. You are also eligible to mentor candidates for the Associate Diploma qualification.

You can achieve the qualification of Licentiate Diploma by either:

  • Completing the Licentiate Diploma examination, or
  • Receiving Recognition of Prior Learning

In order to apply for the Licentiate Diploma, you must first:

  • Be 21 years of age (upon application)
  • Hold the AICD Associate Diploma (A.AICD) teacher accreditation
  • Show evidence that you have prepared and entered students for Borovansky examinations who have subsequently obtained Commended, Highly Commended or Honours, over a minimum of three years
  • Be a full financial teaching member of the AICD

The AICD conducts regular seminars and workshops for teachers of the Borovansky syllabus, in most participating states of Australia or via. online session/s. These are designed to refresh the syllabus and answer any questions in regard technique and content. Major seminars may be conducted to address specific areas of the syllabus.

The AICD has an information booklet which discusses the process of achieving the Licentiate Diploma accreditation in detail. If this is the appropriate level for you, please download and read the booklet.

Teachers accredited with the AICD must abide by the AICD Code of Conduct and the AICD Professional Practice policies. It is available via the website, once you become a member.

The AICD Artistic Director and the National Committee of Management may waive any or all of the above requirements at their discretion, based on the candidate’s prior professional dance or teaching experience; or circumstance.

Australian Institute of Classical Dance

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