Membership of the Institute

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance (AICD) survives based on the support that we receive from our Friend Members and our Teachers.   Our ability to provide opportunities and support for young Australian Dancers, Choreographers and Teachers is predicated upon our ability to generate funds to support the many facets of the organisation, including the Houston and International Scholarships and our Dance Creation Choreographers Event.

For details on how to become a teacher with the AICD, please see the following page 

Membership Types

There are three different membership types for the AICD:

  • Friend Membership
  • Individual  Teacher Membership
  • Joint Teachers Membership
  • Student Membership

Memberships are for the period of the calendar year ie  1 – January to 31 – December.

Friend Membership

While membership of the Institute is mandatory for anyone teaching the Borovansky syllabus, we also have a Friend Membership for those people or organisations that are wishing to support the goals of the Institute.  Membership entitles you to receive our new periodic newsletter and to participate in events hosted by the AICD as notified in the newsletter.  To complete your Friend Membership:

  • Complete the Online Membership Form
  • Complete your payment for Friend Membership in the Shop 
Joint Teachers Membership

Joint Teachers Membership recognises that there are many schools that have two regular teachers.  After both teachers are accredited as Associates or Licentiates, discounted membership is available via the Joint Teachers Membership.  Your membership entitles you and your nominated second teacher to participate in the day to day activities of the Institute including participation in personal development, teaching the Borovansky syllabus, purchasing syllabus materials and receipt of our new periodic newsletter.  To complete Joint Teachers Membership:

  • Each Teacher needs to complete the Online Membership Form
  • Complete your payment for Friend Membership in the Shop 
Student Membership

Student membership is automatically bestowed upon any student sitting Borovansky Syllabus exams.  It does not need to be applied for separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be a Teacher?   Membership of the institute does not require you to be a teacher.  Being a supporter of our thriving organisation has its own merits.
  • Does my Teacher membership cover all my teachers? No.  Teachers Membership covers a single teacher.  Joint Membership covers two teachers at the same school.
  • Can I teach the Borovansky syllabus without being a member of the Institute?  If you are a teacher of the Borovansky Syllabus, you must be a member of the Institute.