Australian Institute of Classical Dance

Encouraging the development of classical dance in Australia.

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance (AICD), was formed in 1991 by Marilyn Jones O.B.E. to oversee and encourage the development of Australian classical ballet.

Marilyn Jones presenting the Houston Ballet Scholarship 2016 with Shelly Power

The aim of the AICD is to assist teachers, students and choreographers of classical dance by providing a national focus for the development of this important art form. By co-operating with existing recognised dance organisations, it encourages research and the development of dance.

The AICD also acts as an assessment body, initiates workshops, runs summer schools, conventions and seminars and offers both National and International scholarships to Australian dancers and choreographers.

Another arm of the organisation is the syllabus. The Borovansky Syllabus is an examination program aimed at improving the technique and artistry of its participants.

This is a syllabus designed in Australia for young Australian dancers and all of the proceeds from examinations, goes back into the syllabus for future adjustments and improvements as well as ongoing teacher education.

Australian Institute of Classical Dance

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