Syllabi and Teaching

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance currently has two syllabus options:

  • The Borovansky Examination and Assessment Syllabus
  • The Adult Assessment Programme

To submit candidates for the Borovansky Syllabus examinations and/or assessments, you must be a registered teacher of the Institute.

To submit candidates for the AICD Adult Assessment Programme, you are required to be a member of the Institute. However, AICD teacher registration is not required.

For more information on Examinations and Assessments, please follow the link.

Rachel Rawlins conducting AICD Masterclasses

Teaching The Borovansky Syllabus

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance is the custodian of the Borovansky Syllabus.

In order to teach the Borovansky Syllabus, you must be a financial registered teacher member of the Institute.

We encourage and assist enthusiastic dancers in progressing their careers as teachers accredited to the Borovansky Syllabus.

If you would like more information on becoming an accredited AICD Registered Borovansky teacher, please contact us via our Online Contact Form, or if you are ready to go, please click on the corresponding button below.

The AICD has four different levels of teacher accreditation. Follow the links below for details of each accreditation and the means of achieving that accreditation:

This is the training level for candidates who do not reach the criteria of Associate Diploma.

This is the first level of full AICD accreditation.

This is the advanced teacher level of AICD accreditation.


Awarded at the discretion of the AICD Artistic Director and the National Committee of Management.

Student from MAARTS performing in AICD Victorian Classical Ballet Awards

Teachers qualified in another syllabus may seek Recognition of Prior Learning for either Associate or Licentiate accreditation.

Once accredited in any of the programs; Affiliate, Associate, Licentiate or Fellow, you will be able to purchase Syllabus educational material via the membership portal. (You must be a current financial member to gain access to the portal)

These include:

  • Borovansky Syllabus Notes
  • Borovansky Music
  • Borovansky Videos

In the January of each year the AICD publishes an updated version of the ‘Teachers’ Guidelines’, a booklet that explains the requirements and rules of teaching with the AICD, how to submit students for examination and the conducting of examinations.

The AICD has a strict Refund Policy in regard Examinations & Assessments.

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