Teaching The Borovansky Syllabus

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance (AICD) is the custodian of the Borovansky Syllabus.  In order to teach the Borovansky Syllabus, you must be a current member of the AICD and you must be accredited by the AICD.  We assist enthusiastic dancers in progressing their careers as teachers accredited to the Borovansky Syllabus. If you would like more information on becoming an accredited AICD Borovansky teacher, please contact us via our Online Contact Form::  or if you are ready to go, please follow the instructions below.

Character Exercises Amendments (NEW)

The ammendments to the Character Work from the Borovansky Syllabus 2018 are available here: .

Teachers Guidelines

For details as to the requirements and rules of teaching with the AICD, please read the Guidelines for Teachers  .

Teaching with the AICD

The AICD has three different accreditations.  Follow the links below for details of each accreditation and the means of achieving that accreditation:

  • Associate – This is the AICD entry-level  ;
  • Licentiate – This is the AICD standard teachers level ; and
  • Fellow – This is an invitation-only accreditation bestowed by the Artistic Director and the National Committee

Teachers qualified in another syllabus may seek either Associate or Licentiate accreditation by Recognition of Prior Skills.

For details of accreditation, advancement and Recognition of Prior Skills please see the links above.

The Syllabus and other Educational Materials

As a member of the institute, you are entitled to purchase items from the AICD Store at members rates. :

  • Syllabus books and DVDs;
  • Music CDs; and
  • Other memorabilia

Submitting Students for Examination

For details of how to submit Students for examinations please see here. 

Examination & Assessment Refund Policy

For details of the AICD Refund Policy please see this attachment.