Tammy Ziegelaar – Teachers Scholarship Report

AICD Report

Thank you to the people who made my visit to the ABS the most amazing experience which has enriched my passion for dance and positively more its assisted me to be a more knowledgeable teacher. I was nominated by Barbara Komazec for a Teachers Scholarship Award 2015 and announced in 2016, which I am extremely grateful for.

On the 20th Feb, I began my week at the ABS with many questions I was hoping ABS could answer for me. I was also lacking inspiration feeling bogged down with expectations that needed to be met and needing more knowledge on executing the outcomes. I was welcomed into the school and watched varied levels and style of classes with the most prestigious teachers in Australia. I noticed a very nurturing and respectful culture juxtapose the strong focus and the drive to achieve among students.

ABS have the knowledge as leaders in moving forward in the dance industry building strong healthy dancers mentally and physically as well as creating astounding technical dancers.

I was able to meet up with the physiotherapist, Sarah Way, counsellor, Phillippa Ziegenhardt, and teachers in particular Simon and Irina and have all my questions answered and more.

Thank you AICD for this opportunity and Lisa Pavane welcoming me into ABS. Especially Simon Dow and Irina Konstantinova two teachers whom I had the privileged learning from and spending time with, as they shared their knowledge and wisdom.

Tammy Ziegelaar