Paulina Quinteros – Choreographer

Paulina Quinteros was a finalist in the Dance Creation 2014 Choreographic Competition.  In the letter below she tells of her experience choreographing for Queensland Ballet…”as an independent choreographer, with so few opportunities to create and engage in a professional environment, this was a dream come true.”
Paulina photo

Queensland Ballet Company Secondment

Dear Marilyn and members of the AICD committee;

This letter is to express my gratitude to Marilyn Jones and the AICD committee for having provided me with the wonderful opportunity of participating in the most recent AICD Dance Creation choreographic competition.

Thanks to the AICD I was invited by Director of Queensland Ballet Li Cunxin to Choreograph a new work for their annual season of Dance Dialogues, a season created to foster and promote new choreographic works and choreographic talent.

I also would like to let you know that Li had organized for all my expenses to be paid . I regard the fact that Queensland Ballet cover my expenses and paid me a choreographic fee for my work, as being incredibly generous and I personally thank Li Cunxin for that.

Paulina Quinteros’ Dance Creation 2014 works

My choreography was presented during their February season of Dance Dialogues. The season ran for a period of almost two weeks, which allows the work to be seen by many people, especially as all of Queensland Ballet’s seasons are sold out events.

Now, I would like to tell you about my artistic experience….

I would like to start by saying that it far exceeded any expectation I had, it was truly “Amazing”. My impression is that the company is run like a family, everybody is friendly and seems relaxed and happy.

On my first day I was understandably feeling a bit apprehensive. There I was, finally ready to start working with all of these talented dancers, who were waiting In the studio for me to start producing hopefully, some great work (Right?,,,) A Magical moment and also a bit “Daunting”. But the dancers made sure that I felt at home and welcome, so quickly any doubt transformed itself in to passion, immersed in a studio for long periods of time working alongside creative dancers, willing to help you realize your choreographic ideas……we worked extremely hard but we also laughed and had fun. Our commitment was mutual and unquestionable.

I found QB dancers to be open minded, versatile and able to perform a range of different choreographic styles, a dream for any choreographer.

The season was very successful and there were two other choreographers who presented work of a very high standard. One of them, a new choreographer named Jack Lister, I believe is very talented and produced a beautiful work that I think should be seen by audiences in Australia and abroad.

As you can see, the time I spent with them was enriching. When I was leaving, they had started rehearsals for “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the famous choreographer Liam Scarlett was arriving soon from overseas to work with Li and his company.

So I can say that, as an independent choreographer with such few opportunities to create and engage in a professional environment, this was a dream come true. So thank you to Marilyn and to all of the AICD staff who work so hard to promote dance and choreographers in Australia, and thank you Li, for an unforgettable time.


Much Love to you all.

Paulina Quinteros.