NSW Junior Awards for 2016

Remy DÓrnay, Alana Ostrowski Annie Zhoo with Peta Davidson and Katie Schless

The NSW Junior Awards were held at the Pulse Studios in Mortdale on the weekend of the 16th of October 2016.  We had more than 40 contestants this year which while challenging for staff, went off without a hitch.  There was a great deal of capability on show and it was nice to have so many young men participating. MOre photos are available in the gallery here.

Adjudicators & Teachers for the day were: Peta Davidson (Former dancer with The Australian Ballet) and Katie Schless (Former professional dancer who trained in the UK).

Winners this year in the 8 – 11 years section  were

  • 1st place Remy DÓrnay
  • 2nd place – Alana Ostrowski
  • 3rd Place – Annie Zhoo,

The prizes for this section were: 1st prize – $100 plus $125 Bloch voucher;  2nd prize – A Dance Bag from Bellairs;  3rd prize A Centre Stage gift voucher

Winners this year in the 12 – 16 years section were

  • 1st place- Amber Alston
  • 2nd place – Taliya Bennett
  • 3rd place – Denzel Parsons

The prizes for this section were: 1st prize – $100 plus a $175 gift Bloch gift voucher;  2nd prize – A $30 gift Bellairs voucher plus a dance bag and 3rd prize – A Centre stage Gift Voucher

We would like to thank our sponsors Bloch, Bellairs and Centre Stage  and Karyn and Craig Mcguire for allowing us to use the Pulse Studios in Mortdale.

Taliya Bennett, Amber Alston and Denzel Parsons with Katie Schless and Peta Davidson