Kalea Teixeira’s report on her experience at Houston Ballet Academy

Kalea at Houstan Ballet Academy“My experience with Houston ballet was really motivational, fun and a great experience. I made many friends with whom I shall keep in contact.
The teachers were really helpful, professional and encouraging.
Whilst over there I stayed in the dorms and had a chaperone. She took care of us and made sure we were ok. Although the six week Summer Intensive was hard work, we also took time to chill out by visiting a theme park and had a great time just enjoying each other’s company on a different level. The whole experience was amazing especially on the day of performance which was in the Houston Theatre where the Houston Ballet Company. This was watched by Houston Ballet Director, Stanton Welch.
I was really excited to receive a scholarship with Houston Ballet Academy which I am preparing to take up this year. I can’t wait to start training with them and dance with my new friends and progress to a professional career.”
2015 winner of the AICD Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship,
Kalea Teixeira