Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship

Winner 2018 – Pearl Arrowsmith


Each year, the AICD holds the Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship at the Hurstville Entertainment Centre in MacMahon Street Hurstville in Sydney.

The first prize is an opportunity to attend the Houston Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Programme in Texas in the USA.   The AICD covers all costs associated with the Tuition, Airfares and Accommodation.    We also provide other awards at the event.  These vary on a yearly basis.

The Houston Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Programme runs for a period of  6 weeks and is a wonderful experience for those that have attended it.

Winner 2016 – Gabriel Sinclair-Jahnke – Now with The Royal Swedish Ballet

Rules of Participation

  • If you are awarded the Scholarship, you must take it up.
  • Participants must not already be enrolled in the Houston Summer Programme.
  • Students must be aged between 15 and 18 on the day of the Scholarship.
Winner 2015 – Kalea Teixeira

When is it Held

In 2020, the Scholoarship will be held in both April and September. In future years, it will be held in the NSW September school holidays.

Winner 2014 – Jasmin Forner Now at the Australian Ballet School

Our Sponsors

We are grateful for the continued patronage of The Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship from the Houston Ballet Academy.

This event is also sponsored by:

How Do I Register?

Registration for the award opens approximately 4 months prior to the event.  It is accessible via the notification on our home page.

Winner 2012 –  Sarah Andrion