AICD Donations

The Australian Institute of Classical Dance is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.   We are a Not-For-Profit organisation that is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers across the country.  Donations made to our organisation, help us to deliver services; and to create opportunities for hardworking Dancers and Teachers across the country.  With your help we deliver:

  • The Houston Ballet Academy Scholarship;
  • The International Awards;
  • The New Zealand Scholarship;
  • Junior and Senior Awards across the country;
  • The Borovansky Syllabus;
  • Teachers Learning Experiences of various kinds; and much much more…

With your assistance, we will continue to grow each of these activities.

Thank you for consideration of our organisation.

Making a Donation via Cheque

Please make your check out to the AICD and send it to:

Box 193
Winston Hills
NSW 2153

Making a Donation via PayPal

Please note, You DO NOT need to have a Paypal account to use this Donation Form.

Prior to commencing this Form, please make sure that you have your credit card available.

  1. Complete the Application Form below
    • Choose whether your donation is to the Dance Creation Choreographic Workshop or the AICD.
    • Press the Submit Button.
  2. Make your Payment using Paypal credit card payment
    • After pressing Submit, you are transferred to where you make your payment.
    • You will be given 2 options:
      • If you have a Paypal Account select – Log In;
      • If you don’t have a Paypal Account select – Pay With Credit or Debit Card.
    • Fill out the appropriate details depending on your selection.

You will shortly receive a notification email that confirms the details of your donation.   We will send you a separate receipt for your donation at your address..


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