AICD South Australian Junior Awards

The South Australian Junior Awards were held on the 4th of June 2017 at the Richard Flynn Theatre, St Ignatius College, Athelstone in South Australia.


Our congratulations go out to each of the winners in the following categories:

Grade 2

Winner – Lila Cox (Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)
Runner-up – Isabella Charman (Total Image Dance Company)
Encouragement Award –

  • Ella Zacharia( Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)

Grade 3/4

Winner – Tia Bowering-Barbara Jayne Dance Centre
Runner-Up – Charlie Carr Barbara Jayne Dance Centre
Encouragement Awards –

  • Madeleine Wyman (Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)
  • Anna McAuliffe, (Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)
  • Alana Wilkinson (Total Image Dance Company)
  • Aleisha Burrows (Generation Dance)
  • Jaxon Donhardt (Total Image Dance Company)

Grade 5 /6

Winner – Christine Welsh (Total Image Dance Company)
Runner-up – Nathan Stafford (Total Image Dance Company)
Encouragement Awards –

  • Danika Roach (Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)
  • Amelia Tyler (Total Image Dance Company)

Intermediate / Advanced

Winner – Amy Gallery ( Norwood Ballet Centre)
Runner-up – Indiana McCann (Terry Simpson Studios)
Encouragement Award –

  • Larisa Magda ( Barbara Jayne Dance Centre)